Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back Slide

Ugh! My scale numbers are back to where they were when I started recording them on 1/1/10. That stinks, but I can't give up. I think it may have been the relaxing after the recent hospital stress. I started up again eating some cookies and cake that seem to abound at the ending of the school year. Yuck! You know I didn't even really enjoy either the cookies or the cake. I just ate them because they are sweet and they are there. Not a good reason. Plus, there has been candy around for the chorus parties and birthday party. I always buy plenty and now there are lots of left-overs. I really like the Twizzlers. They don't like me so well.

OK, so maybe I need to start becoming aware of my ingestion of sweet treats. I'd say one or less a day. Today I already had two and a third cinnamon rolls for b'fast. It was nice to clear the table and sit with my kids who were happy to have cinnamon rolls. I made it into a 3/4 family meeting and let them know the expectations for the summer: Chores/practicing/reading or math/outside time== all before their screen time which will be up to an hour a day. I got this idea from another mom on the soccer side-lines and I like it because it is simple and it mixes perceived fun (reading, outside play) with not so perceived fun (chores/ practicing) as the basic expectations. I did go further than this other mom though and added financial bribery. I upped their allowances to a dollar a day. I also added an optional Helpful Hour for $2 a day. I hope it all catches on.

As for my running. I went out this morning and it felt good. I didn't run at camping this weekend & the hiking I thought would cover it didn't materialize except for one day. I was sluggish & it felt great. I will start up again and reward myself with new songs on my mp3 player.