Monday, October 18, 2010

Light & Dark

There have been beautiful sunny Fall days recently! Unfortunately, I run in the dark most days. At 6:00 A.M. it is chilly & cold, though very often starlit. Today I walk/ran 2 miles in about 34 minutes & I think that will be my new direction: 2 miles with a count-up timer. I'm loving my 'stories' as I call them. I have one on my mp3 player and one on CD's for my car. I'm between novels now and am catching up on magazines. I also love having appropriate running gear at the ready. My day-glo wind breaker is perfect over my tech l/s shirt. My head band and convertible mitten/gloves are keeping me comfortable out there in the weather which has been in the 40's mostly.

On Sundays I run in daylight & go for 3+ miles around the 'big block'. Yesterday I saw pine needles helicoptering to the ground. I heard an Osage orange go kerplunk and was rained on by many many leaves. I almost could catch a few in my hand. I'm looking at their flight, the patterns on the trees, the pretty fields of corn and I'm noticing beauty more than ever. I often wish we had mountains, rivers, woods or something naturally impressive to run through right out of our front door, but if I make an effort to open my eyes for beauty, I can see it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Running Hot!

My scale numbers are still yucky, but my running is going well. With extra time in the summer, I've been going out longer, not really timing the duration, but often exceeding 45 minutes. I bring a cup of coffee with me for my warm-up. This gets me out the door sooner. I don't get stuck on the computer, which is a good thing! The heat has been pretty bad (high 80's and 90's) so the earlier the better. I wouldn't stand a chance running in the afternoon.

I've also changed my run to 5,4,3,2,1, and today added 30 sec, and 20 sec. If the run is long enough, I can totally recover in between each one & I don't feel rushed. The 5 min run is soo slow, you wouldn't believe it. I feel like I could go shuffling on like that forever and I often do go soon into the 4 min. run. I gradually pick up the pace and by the time I get to the 30 sec, I'm dashing! And I'm proud.

I've been trying to encourage active fun for my kidlets too & so we have been riding bikes a lot in the last few days and my daughter has discovered that she can bike to certain places on her own! Very cool.

Today is an almost blank Saturday and it is full of possibilities!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back Slide

Ugh! My scale numbers are back to where they were when I started recording them on 1/1/10. That stinks, but I can't give up. I think it may have been the relaxing after the recent hospital stress. I started up again eating some cookies and cake that seem to abound at the ending of the school year. Yuck! You know I didn't even really enjoy either the cookies or the cake. I just ate them because they are sweet and they are there. Not a good reason. Plus, there has been candy around for the chorus parties and birthday party. I always buy plenty and now there are lots of left-overs. I really like the Twizzlers. They don't like me so well.

OK, so maybe I need to start becoming aware of my ingestion of sweet treats. I'd say one or less a day. Today I already had two and a third cinnamon rolls for b'fast. It was nice to clear the table and sit with my kids who were happy to have cinnamon rolls. I made it into a 3/4 family meeting and let them know the expectations for the summer: Chores/practicing/reading or math/outside time== all before their screen time which will be up to an hour a day. I got this idea from another mom on the soccer side-lines and I like it because it is simple and it mixes perceived fun (reading, outside play) with not so perceived fun (chores/ practicing) as the basic expectations. I did go further than this other mom though and added financial bribery. I upped their allowances to a dollar a day. I also added an optional Helpful Hour for $2 a day. I hope it all catches on.

As for my running. I went out this morning and it felt good. I didn't run at camping this weekend & the hiking I thought would cover it didn't materialize except for one day. I was sluggish & it felt great. I will start up again and reward myself with new songs on my mp3 player.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Finally the scale is recognizing my efforts. I think I officially lost a pound which doesn't seem like much, but I'm on my way. I'm comfortable not eating so much, finally!! I welcome the feeling of hunger, finally!! I try to fill my plate with at least half vegetables/fruit, finally!! I find myself craving vegetables sometimes. I accept Birthday treats at school with appreciation and bring them home for my kidlets... and they actually make it home, finally!!! I'm honestly impressed with myself. Now I must keep moving!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Nice way to start the Day

My son went running with me. It was the first day we could wear shorts and tee shirts! Yippee!! He talked and stayed with me for a mile (two laps) and then went home while I did my last little bit. He also said he was training for his Kids 5K which I think is great. I'd better get the details on my calendar. Then we had our breakfast on the back deck which was quiet and wonderful. We're planning a bike ride together later, too. I consider it my duty to model and offer an active life-style for my kids.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Small Celebrations

I must celebrate my small successes or I'll go crazy, because the scale is not celebrating with me!

Today I passed up a Birthday Cupcake from a student. I felt bad declining, but I had my class sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl and I let the girl offer my cupcake to my college student Participant/Observer. So, all were happy this time. My colleague says to accept the BD treat from the students, but to then throw it away. I think by the time I get to my desk after teaching, I've been seeing/thinking about that treat the whole time that I'll just devour it. Plus, after teaching my classes, I often feel like I deserve a Gold Medal... and in the absence of that, I'll accept a sweet treat! So...

I've vowed to try to give up Cake,Candy,and Cookies... especially cookies. Cookies go thud in my stomach and I don't even feel good after I eat them. Candy, I don't really mean. There must be exceptions, but that will be a rarity, I hope. Today was my first day of this and I didn't even pause in picking up a mini candycane from the pile that was left in the Faculty room. I crunched it in a few minutes going out to my car and I regretted it!

Another success is my running. I've increased to 4,3,and 3 minutes of times running, but I'm doing more after that and it feels good.

Last night I made a bag of popcorn, and served myself half. When I wanted to go back for the other half, I started enjoying my glass of ice water. I LOVE eating ice cubes, and it can be a good substitute for extra calories.

Now for my rant: My wrist, or elbow or arm hurts... moreso with use. I've started learning to mouse with my LH, but it hurts now typing and I think it hurt a bit when I was practicing piano before. It's been x-rayed and I think it was bursitis in the elbow, but I don't know about the wrist. I'm sick of inflammation. I guess I'd better try taking my ibuprofen and seeing if that helps. It doesn't hurt too bad, but I worry more about it restricting my activities. I LOVE using the computer, and I love playing piano. I'd like to be one of those old ladies who can still play piano at my nursing home.

My other rant: My weight is going up!!!! I'm hoping it's water-weight corresponding to my cycle, but who knows. This stinks!!! I've been relatively good in my eating/exercising for 3 months now and NOTHING very noticeable in the weight department!!! And it definitely is NOT muscle gain. I wish I could say I was continuing with strength training, but I'm focusing on running now and am letting the other stuff pretty much go for now, though I am stretching here and there. My calves were almost painfully tight today.

Let's see, oh yeah... another plus: I like to drive thru McD's and get a large Diet with extra ice and a small French fry for an after school snack. Well, I've been skipping the fries on many of the days recently. Today I skipped the soda and am not even stocking it at home any more! I have diet lemon lime stuff, but am thinking about switching to tea and water. That's good. I've had quite the "Diet Coke" habit going in the past.

Ok, that's enough ramblings for now... feels good!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I've been doing well with my running. I've been running outside in the early morning. I've overcome the broken treadmill, and the broken mp3 player. I am listening to a PlayAway audio book from the library called Firefly Lane. I think it may even have been a MC book club choice recently. I am thankful for my appropriate gear: My worn joggers bra I've had for years... it's comfortable and all I need. I have a tech l/s shirt which does much for warmth, and a nice pair of lined work out pants with pockets. I keep those in my bedstand drawer so I can pull them on when I wake. I have a head band to keep my ears warm, and my new convertible gloves/mittens which I LOVE! I also am happy to have my cycing jacket which is entirely dayglo yellow/green, so I can be seen in the dim light of dawn. It is a phenomenal wind breaker too and I can pull the sleeves over my hands if I haven't worn my gloves. Ipop a kitchen timer in my left pocket and the PlayAway in my right pocket. I also love my Asics sneakers with red trim despite the salesperson's advice to get something less bright. I love RED! So, I don't guess or gather in the morning; I don, grab and go.

I am charting my running and trying to make one tiny increase in duration or intensity eAch week on my way toward my goal: 30 minutes of solid running 4 times a week by Fall. I'm up to 22 minute runs with 3X3 minutes minimum of solid running. I allow myself to have easy days (walking or light running) and that is up to 35 minutes. I'm proud of my efforts and feel good running.

Unfortunately the scale is not tipping in my favor toward my weight-loss goal. I actually went up in February and back to my forever-normal weight so far in March. It is so difficult. I truly believe I'm fighting my age (45), but I'm determined! I do love certain sweets and am trying various techniques to eat better and less: Keeping crunchies in the house like celery and pepper pieces, enjoying 3 bites of a sweet and tossing it, filling up on salad before a heavy meal, waiting 5 minutes when I suspect I might be full, trying not to eat at night, substituting ice water for snacks, trying to leave something on my plate. Wow! That is a huge amount of strategies. None of them are totally new to me, but most of them are not actually happening as much as they can. Sooooo, I guess I know what I should do, that's the first level of learning. Now I have to thoughtfully force myself to do more of it, then hopefully it will become less thoughtful and more automatic... a much higher level of learning.

OK... I'm still at it!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

That was a close one!

I almost blew my New Year's Resolution in the first month... too cliche for me! My treadmill has been broken for a while & I've been bundling up to run outside. This week we got hit with arctic temperatures (teens) and snow, so I let a few days go by without running. I needed one more run by today to be successful with this week's quota. I decided I could 'run' in the basement. I did 'stairs' on the stairs and I jogged on the mini-trampoline. I ran a few laps, moved a few heavy bins and swept the floor. I'm quite sure I got a work-out and I'm proud of myself!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do What Feels Right!

I just read a Mommy on the Run blog about feeling antsy and needing to go out on a run. Yeah right! My body usually always wants to be lazy. I'm so proud when I feel a true honest-to-goodness urge to get out and run. Feeling it a bit right now. I missed yesterday's light rain and warm temperatures (due to work! : (). Today there is a coating of snow, but I can't let that stop me because the treadmill still lays broken and it will forever I'm sure. When my dh & I agree to buy something new, it takes forever (maybe years) to actually buy it. On the treadmill we don't even agree. I think he wants to take a look at it, as he wouldn't endorse me calling in a repair guy. So... I'm stuck in a holding pattern and I don't predict I'll be running on a treadmill any time soon!

OK, enough procrastination. Here I go!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh Noooooo!!

My teadmill broke! It just went klunkpfth#%#! while I was on it one day. What a catastrophe. We are in the middle of January and I'm having to go outside. Brrr. I am lucky that I have good gear though. My balaclava is wonderful to put over my head and now I'm enjoying my new convertible mittens/gloves. my tech l/s shirt is indispensible and my day-glo yellow cycling jacket continues to be my long-running favorite item!! There was a bit of a thaw & I was out in 30-something weather twice this weekend.

We had a long (MLK Day) weekend and it was much appreciated. I was really in need of a mental-health day off recently, but couldn't bring myself to use a Personal Day for nothing imparticular. I feel so much better now, maybe I will keep this option open in the future. I'm either blessed or riddled with excellent attendance syndrome. My employers should love me for it!

Anyhow my New Year's Resolutions are in tact! All 9 resolutions are going strong! I almost lost the running frequency one, but I hung on by a fingernail and was able to chart 3 runs each week so far.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here we go!

Today is January 1st and I'm off to a good start on my resolutions. Officially, they are:
1. Keep the desk blotter free of coffee rings : )
2. Maintain a lower weight by year's end (8 pounds by Christmas, 4 by summer, 2 by spring, 1 by my birthday)This should be easy. Chart it.
3. Eat less junk food, more fruits/veggies... make "5 2 1 0" part of our lives (keep celery, carrots, apples, kiwi, sliced pepper in house as much as possible). Chart it.
4.Speak nicely to my family members, consistently. Remember what's important.
5. Stay calm, shriek less.
6. Don't accept disrespect.
7. Run 30 minutes non-stop at a reasonable speed, by Fall! 3-4 times a week, non-netotiable, starting at 30 minutes of walking or 20 minutes mixed, increase with slightest tiny increments each week, including more running, increased incline, etc.
Chart progress toward running goal and stick with it.
8. Do at least one unexpected kindness each month! Chart!!

I like it. I composed these kind of spur of the moment, but I think they're workable and they reflect my honest values.

So, today, I
1. unwrapped my pristine new desk blotter. I love this!! It is beautiful.

2. I weighed in and printed out my chart with an aim to record my weights. Keep in mind, these weights are in the morning just before entering the shower. In the afternoon and evening I always seem to weigh much more, and I'm wearing clothes, so I thought I'd go with my morning weigh-in which is already habit. I turn on the shower, move my bath towel, step on my scale and then get in the shower... in the dark, automatically. I was surprised to find out my friend had received a desired scale for Christmas because they didn't have any.

3. Anyway, I ate a delicious warm salt bagel with butter, bean soup, crunchy veggies, baked Lays, 6 Dibs, grilled cheese with tuna, and a side salad. I'm proud and satisfied with my eats. Let's see, I had 5 servings of fruit/veggies I think, 2 hours or less of screen time, probably one hour of activity (with my exercise and walking around the museum for several hours), and 0 sugary drinks. I sure hope artificial sugar is OK. I also bought kiwi, carrots, celery, peppers for the house! Mmmm..

4. I think I spoke respectfully and calmly to my family, though it seems to require such patience so much of the time.

5. I did not shriek. : )
6. I didn't accept disrespect, and I think my son and daughter are both making gains in listening to me. I don't let them talk back, walk away, scold me, or defy me. I really think the stricter (more consistent) I can be with this, the better... for their positive development, and for my self-worth!

7. I did a 20 minute program on the treadmill (at 9:30 P.M.!!) and nearly killed myself. I had to take a 1.5 minute break at the peak to lower my heart rate. It's all good, though. 20 minutes is a very short time... and... I'm getting involved in my audio book a bit: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

8. My official charts are either by the week or the month. The week charts begin on Sunday, so I'm set to go.

9. My kindness I plan to do tomorrow... deliver a frozen lasagna to a super-nice family who has helped us out several times in the past and especially last week!

Life is good!