Monday, October 18, 2010

Light & Dark

There have been beautiful sunny Fall days recently! Unfortunately, I run in the dark most days. At 6:00 A.M. it is chilly & cold, though very often starlit. Today I walk/ran 2 miles in about 34 minutes & I think that will be my new direction: 2 miles with a count-up timer. I'm loving my 'stories' as I call them. I have one on my mp3 player and one on CD's for my car. I'm between novels now and am catching up on magazines. I also love having appropriate running gear at the ready. My day-glo wind breaker is perfect over my tech l/s shirt. My head band and convertible mitten/gloves are keeping me comfortable out there in the weather which has been in the 40's mostly.

On Sundays I run in daylight & go for 3+ miles around the 'big block'. Yesterday I saw pine needles helicoptering to the ground. I heard an Osage orange go kerplunk and was rained on by many many leaves. I almost could catch a few in my hand. I'm looking at their flight, the patterns on the trees, the pretty fields of corn and I'm noticing beauty more than ever. I often wish we had mountains, rivers, woods or something naturally impressive to run through right out of our front door, but if I make an effort to open my eyes for beauty, I can see it.

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