Saturday, July 17, 2010

Running Hot!

My scale numbers are still yucky, but my running is going well. With extra time in the summer, I've been going out longer, not really timing the duration, but often exceeding 45 minutes. I bring a cup of coffee with me for my warm-up. This gets me out the door sooner. I don't get stuck on the computer, which is a good thing! The heat has been pretty bad (high 80's and 90's) so the earlier the better. I wouldn't stand a chance running in the afternoon.

I've also changed my run to 5,4,3,2,1, and today added 30 sec, and 20 sec. If the run is long enough, I can totally recover in between each one & I don't feel rushed. The 5 min run is soo slow, you wouldn't believe it. I feel like I could go shuffling on like that forever and I often do go soon into the 4 min. run. I gradually pick up the pace and by the time I get to the 30 sec, I'm dashing! And I'm proud.

I've been trying to encourage active fun for my kidlets too & so we have been riding bikes a lot in the last few days and my daughter has discovered that she can bike to certain places on her own! Very cool.

Today is an almost blank Saturday and it is full of possibilities!

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