Saturday, March 19, 2011

Walking is my new thing!

I've tried to run. I've jogged and logged and shuffled and sprinted. I've read and read and scheduled and not-scheduled, and now I'm 7 years into this running thing, still waiting for it to kick in. Well, after my last gallant effort in 2010, where I ALMOST stuck with my New Year's Resolution for a whole year, it still isn't any less painful, or any more pleasant to run for more than a few driveway's worth. Oh well. I'm old enough to let it go and embrace what I do enjoy. Plus, there is this wonderful thing which is supposed to extend our lives and our mental acuity: Walking! Woo hoo! I've been doing that for a long time now, so it should be easy to turn it into a fitness activity.

At my last ob/gyn check up, my doctor spoke quietly and solemnly about how walking has been shown to help in the fight against dementia! OK, I'm in!! Eating my blueberries and walking! Check!

My approach to this walking thing? Well, just do it when I feel like it, and try for every day, mixing up the time, place and duration. I'm also not timing, not measuring distance, and certainly not logging! I'm just going with what feels good, knowing that longer is better. I'm seeking walking partners and finding them in my husband, my students, and hopefully my friends when the weather breaks! What really would help is to get another audio book onto my mp3 player. My stories have a way of grabbing me.

Oh yeah, my bike was fixed this winter and it feels like a totally new bike with a new computer now! My kids do love biking & I'm toying with planning a long canal trip with them this summer. One problem though: I have a hard time keeping up. Hey, I was always seeking speed too at their age & would've been thrilled to leave my mother in the dust... if my mother knew how to ride a bike. Really, she never did believe it or not! Well, I love it and plan to spin those wheels for many miles and years to come!

OK, Spring, bring it on!

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