Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh Noooooo!!

My teadmill broke! It just went klunkpfth#%#! while I was on it one day. What a catastrophe. We are in the middle of January and I'm having to go outside. Brrr. I am lucky that I have good gear though. My balaclava is wonderful to put over my head and now I'm enjoying my new convertible mittens/gloves. my tech l/s shirt is indispensible and my day-glo yellow cycling jacket continues to be my long-running favorite item!! There was a bit of a thaw & I was out in 30-something weather twice this weekend.

We had a long (MLK Day) weekend and it was much appreciated. I was really in need of a mental-health day off recently, but couldn't bring myself to use a Personal Day for nothing imparticular. I feel so much better now, maybe I will keep this option open in the future. I'm either blessed or riddled with excellent attendance syndrome. My employers should love me for it!

Anyhow my New Year's Resolutions are in tact! All 9 resolutions are going strong! I almost lost the running frequency one, but I hung on by a fingernail and was able to chart 3 runs each week so far.

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