Friday, January 1, 2010

Here we go!

Today is January 1st and I'm off to a good start on my resolutions. Officially, they are:
1. Keep the desk blotter free of coffee rings : )
2. Maintain a lower weight by year's end (8 pounds by Christmas, 4 by summer, 2 by spring, 1 by my birthday)This should be easy. Chart it.
3. Eat less junk food, more fruits/veggies... make "5 2 1 0" part of our lives (keep celery, carrots, apples, kiwi, sliced pepper in house as much as possible). Chart it.
4.Speak nicely to my family members, consistently. Remember what's important.
5. Stay calm, shriek less.
6. Don't accept disrespect.
7. Run 30 minutes non-stop at a reasonable speed, by Fall! 3-4 times a week, non-netotiable, starting at 30 minutes of walking or 20 minutes mixed, increase with slightest tiny increments each week, including more running, increased incline, etc.
Chart progress toward running goal and stick with it.
8. Do at least one unexpected kindness each month! Chart!!

I like it. I composed these kind of spur of the moment, but I think they're workable and they reflect my honest values.

So, today, I
1. unwrapped my pristine new desk blotter. I love this!! It is beautiful.

2. I weighed in and printed out my chart with an aim to record my weights. Keep in mind, these weights are in the morning just before entering the shower. In the afternoon and evening I always seem to weigh much more, and I'm wearing clothes, so I thought I'd go with my morning weigh-in which is already habit. I turn on the shower, move my bath towel, step on my scale and then get in the shower... in the dark, automatically. I was surprised to find out my friend had received a desired scale for Christmas because they didn't have any.

3. Anyway, I ate a delicious warm salt bagel with butter, bean soup, crunchy veggies, baked Lays, 6 Dibs, grilled cheese with tuna, and a side salad. I'm proud and satisfied with my eats. Let's see, I had 5 servings of fruit/veggies I think, 2 hours or less of screen time, probably one hour of activity (with my exercise and walking around the museum for several hours), and 0 sugary drinks. I sure hope artificial sugar is OK. I also bought kiwi, carrots, celery, peppers for the house! Mmmm..

4. I think I spoke respectfully and calmly to my family, though it seems to require such patience so much of the time.

5. I did not shriek. : )
6. I didn't accept disrespect, and I think my son and daughter are both making gains in listening to me. I don't let them talk back, walk away, scold me, or defy me. I really think the stricter (more consistent) I can be with this, the better... for their positive development, and for my self-worth!

7. I did a 20 minute program on the treadmill (at 9:30 P.M.!!) and nearly killed myself. I had to take a 1.5 minute break at the peak to lower my heart rate. It's all good, though. 20 minutes is a very short time... and... I'm getting involved in my audio book a bit: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

8. My official charts are either by the week or the month. The week charts begin on Sunday, so I'm set to go.

9. My kindness I plan to do tomorrow... deliver a frozen lasagna to a super-nice family who has helped us out several times in the past and especially last week!

Life is good!

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