Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stretch and Strength

This morning I did my stretch and strength routine in the family room while watching the morning news programs and sipping coffee. I stretch all parts of my body & focus on the legs which were extremely tight from running two days in a row. It felt terrific. For strength today, I did the Superman, for my back. I did a few pelvis lifts, and I did the Pilates 100. I also did some push-ups just with the top half of my body, for my back. These are easy & I should've done full-body push-ups, but I didn't. Also, for one commercial break I did a weight move with two hand-bells, maybe 3 pounds each: curl, lift, overhead, back down & squat. I like not having to count my reps, but to do it for the full commercial break, which feels plenty long enough.

I'm doing well this week eating real food, and trying to get off of junk. 2 1/2 weeks ago, FlyLady suggested we eat dessert once a week, so I started trying. The first week I had 3 desserts, but at least I was aware. The second week I ate a few, all on the last day... it was those chocolate chip muffins and a cookie at the neighborhood picnic. That was bad.... sneaky muffin eating! They weren't even very good. : ((( The next week is still in progress. It is now Thursday and I've had only one smallish piece of zucchini bread over at Debbie's house on Tuesday. I will count that as half a dessert. We are going for ice-cream today, so I'm not sure what I'll do. I think I'm planning on enjoying ice cream, but not a big one! Hey, at least I have a plan. At home, I'm eating smart!! I'm still eating chips & French fries in moderation. I think I may be onto a successful dietary change. Since I'm 44 I think I may really need to do this.

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