Monday, December 28, 2009

Old Year Ending

The end of the year is upon us and I'm hoping I can feel the renewal to exert some effort for the new year. In the past, resolutions have really boosted me into new fitness habits! I'm feeling so sluggish now & I frankly don't feel the urge to do anything. I just know I have to. The scale says I've gained 1-3 pounds since Halloween... not terrible, but doesn't feel good.

My big sister is getting skinnier (over age 50!!) and passing me former large sized clothing. Next time I'd love to say, "Oh, I don't fit into size 10's any more. Thanks anyway!"

I did successfully upload an audio book onto my mp3 player, though it hasn't grabbed me yet. I will continue to use it to get me down to the treadmill. One problem is that when I get up to running speed, this old treadmill is so load I can't hear my story unless I put one hand to my ear. Sooo, I've found yet another reason to walk, not run. I think if I switch to headphones, I should be able to hear OK.

I'm thinking of setting this standard for the treadmill: either 20 minutes hard, or 30 minutes easy... on most days. I should also try to instill my little 6 minute workout on most days. Oh, didn't I tell you of that:

It's so simple & beautiful in it's simplicity:

-15 full regular push-ups (or however many I can manage... usually 12 ish)
-a Pilates 100
-15 Superman lifts for my back
-15 lunges (on both legs).

DONE!! It takes me about 8 minutes!! It really does something to me & if I did it regularly I'd build on it, but I'm haphazard with it. Plus I tend to add stretches and some yoga poses in between so that it turns into a big deal. But I won't apologize for stretches and yoga... that is wonderfully good stuff!!

OK, just writing has helped me feel a little more determined. I'm thinking maybe I should devise a charting and reward system. I like dollars for clothing shopping, so I'll think on that! Hmmmmm.....

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