Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Slugs

It's not even winter, but I'm feeling lazy and skipping workouts. It's cold, damp, and I've been waking up with a headache for a few days now. This happens almost every month at a given time. Yuck! I really don't like cold weather. My treadmill is gross and disgusting downstairs, covered in junk and dust, and dirt. Plus it is downstairs in a yucky setting, plus there is NO TV that works down there. I would use and love a good treadmill upstairs in front of a TV or book I could enjoy.

On our trip to Philadelphia, the Hotel was affiliated with and connected to a world-class fitness club. This place was amazing and posh!!! I enjoyed the treadmill and nautilus once by myself. On the limited kids hours we all played basketball in their full sized gymnasium and then racketball. That went really well and it was fun. Jane & I enjoyed the spa showers and I dipped in the adult-only hot tub. Todd & Andrew swam in the olympic-sized (supposedly) pool. It was a laps only pool and didn't appeal to me. Somehow getting almost naked, and cold, and cold-wet, just to exert myself doesn't appeal to me. I aim for cozy warm plush chairs with a good book.

My weight is OK, though I did cross that 130 lb. line yesterday morning. I am slowing down on amount of food. I'll try. I love to eat and I love to munch. I think portion size control will help a lot. I've toyed with the idea of leaving a bite of food on my plate all the time. I tried once or twice but it didn't catch on. I have such a strong urge to clean my plate, whether I'm hungry for it or not. I know I should stop when I'm full, but it is freakishly difficult if there is still good food in front of me. Take popcorn for instance... there is no way on earth that I need to eat a whole bag by myself... but I usually always do. If I leave some in the bag it takes monumental effort and I seem to feel I deserve a trophy for it. OK, I'll try harder!!

Plus, when I go to Tim Horton's this A.M. I should be able to order a BELT without the B. So what if I'm paying for it? Egg and cheese on a bagel is plenty of food for me!!! OK gotta go!

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