Wednesday, November 16, 2011


...and I don't mean with joy! I've skipped a couple mornings now and I'm not proud. I just ate a handful of chocolate chips, and a maple-syrup sweet potato and I don't feel much eagerness to get outside tomorrow. It's so dark and it has been such a grey day and tomorrow it's going to be significantly colder. But out I will go. I'll help the cause by laying out my clothes tonight and heading up early to read in bed (translation: fall asleep reading). Tomorrow I don't need to get to work extra early, so out I shall go. I will wear plenty of warm clothes so I feel cozy, at least to start. Maybe I'll look for a runner's skull cap warm hat to buy, one that's very reflective/bright!

I'll also drink more tomorrow. I will.

I'm feeling guilty for skipping a nice yoga class at work and for not doing any weight training these days... not good.

I will not over-eat, and I will enjoy the sky and the quiet and the solitude. Man, thinking positively sure changes my mood. I love the peace and quiet and the darkness. The chill in the air can be awesome too. If it's so cold, I'll include a coffee lap and enjoy the warmth of the coffee going down my core as the chill tries to nip my skin.

I found out a friend is an avid runner and I sure can tell by looking at her body and I suspect by noticing her sunny attitude and high energy. I'm sure it helps that she doesn't work outside of the house, but she runs.... fast and wins races! She weight trains regularly and she looks great!!! I won't say I'm jealous, but I wonder if I'll ever feel fit like she looks.

Up to bed and book I go.

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